Car inspections will drop some cents in 2021

Decrease in consumer prices in November dictates relief from tariffs for periodic inspections in Portugal starting next year. For further details, go here: cost of car inspections

The price of car inspections will go down next year, but in a restrained manner. For mandatory inspections of light vehicles, the reduction is one cent.


Every year, the direct council of the Institute for Mobility and Transport has to update the rates charged in inspections based on the most recent average annual inflation (total consumer prices without housing). The last number to be released, relative to November, points to a 0.04% drop in this indicator. If so, prices have to slide.


The IMT decision, which comes into force next year after being published this Wednesday, December 30, in Diário da República , states that the mandatory inspection fee for light vehicles is 25.60 euros (excluding VAT), below the 25.61 established in 2019 for the current year. Adding the VAT in force (0.23%), the value calculated by Expresso points to a timid decrease from 31.50 to 31.488 euros.


Looking at heavy vehicles, the drop without tax is 2 cents (38.33 to 38.31 euros), with the mandatory periodic inspection going to cost the consumer 47.12 cents, below the 47.146 euros forecast for this year. .

On motorcycles, the cost is also expected to drop by one cent to a cost of around 15.85 euros.


The declines are more significant in the assignment or replacement of enrollments or in extraordinary inspections, taking into account that their cost is also higher.


The new price comes into force next year, two months after new, and tighter, rules for carrying out inspections have been implemented. One example is the possibility of lead if the car is dirty ( “whenever cleaning conditions impair observations during inspection” ). The new rules were created by the IMT to standardize the classifications of the various inspector centers.


The new prices (excluding VAT) are included in this resolution . The tariffs in force were provided for in this resolution.